Gibsons District Energy Utility, Gibsons, BC

Re-commissioning of a geo-exchange system serving 58 homes 

  • Team building to address needs of multiple stakeholders and provide design-build solutions.

  • Inspection of heat pump systems located in the homes to gather resident’s concerns / input, document existing conditions and develop specifications for future work on the system.

  • Collaboration with the Town to address concerns identified during stakeholder interviews.

  • Design and installation of an auxiliary high efficiency condensing back-up boiler system, a new DDC system and new high efficiency circulation pumps.

  • Provision of ongoing operating and maintenance services, including stakeholder support.

Comox Valley Regional District Heat Reclaim System, Courtenay, BC

Replacement of inoperable heat reclaim system installed by others.  The new system reclaims free thermal energy from the arena ice-making plant and delivers it to the heating hot water and domestic water systems.

  • Initial troubleshooting of existing system

  • Grant funding procurement from BC Hydro and FortisBC

  • Feasibility studies and detailed design

  • Project management and commissioning 

  • DDC system re-programming and ongoing monitoring /support

  • Ongoing client training and education to ensure continuous team building.

Courtenay, BC Memorial Pool


Altum provided design and build services to the City of Courtenay for the Memorial outdoor swimming pool during multiple phases, from 2010 to 2017:

  • Detailed energy feasibility study.

  • Procurement of 100% of the funding from FortisBC to install pool covers and solar thermal panels to reduce natural gas use. Design and construction management of retrofit, including re-commissioning existing boiler. 

  • Replacement of an outdated chlorine gas disinfection system.

  • Replacement of a mid-efficiency atmospheric boiler with a new high-efficiency condensing boiler and air-source heat pump.

  • Installation and design of a direct digital control system that integrated the energy systems of the facility.


Agricultural Projects


Altum designed and assisted with the installation of a geothermal controlled-atmosphere storage facility mechanical system for storage of thousands of apple bins. The mechanical and refrigeration systems use ground water as a heat rejection media and as a source for the space heating heat pump. Cooling coil defrost is achieved with energy reclaimed from the refrigeration system or from low-grade energy sourced from the ground water conveyance system.


Altum designed and installed a walk-in freezer/cooler system that reclaims energy from farm produce while heating a farmhouse. The system also has the ability to reject energy to a geothermal pond loop heat exchanger for high efficiency summertime operation of the refrigeration system.


Altum designed and installed a farm-wide irrigation system serving hay fields, an orchard and other applications. The system has both low-pressure and high-pressure operation for plant irrigation and field irrigation, respectively. The system is energy efficient by design since pressure reducing valves are not used for the plant irrigation. The robust and simple nature of the control strategy drastically reduced the control system cost.   

Houston, BC Leisure Centre


Altum replaced a dysfunctional geo-exchange system. We designed a district energy system that reclaims energy from the ice arena refrigeration plant for direct heating of domestic hot water in the arena building and thermal storage in a geothermal ground heat exchanger. Altum installed ground heat exchanger piping and provided construction management services throughout the installation phases. The ground heat exchanger provides energy to heat pumps in the adjacent swimming pool building for efficient year-round water and space heating. The system is designed for future expansion to serve other nearby buildings.


Other Projects


Altum has designed and/or installed many types of renewable energy and traditional mechanical systems that include:

  • Radiant heating and cooling

  • Energy recovery ventilation (HRV / ERV technology)

  • Refrigeration energy reclaim

  • Waste energy reclaim

  • Geothermal (GeoExchange, geo-exchange, ground source heat pumps)

  • Landfill gas based power generation

  • Solar thermal heating

  • Condensing boilers

  • Traditional boiler troubleshooting and maintenance

  • Air source heat pumps

  • Variable frequency pumps and fans

Please contact us to discuss which of our many available project references are applicable to your project.